oldpic1The PURGLAS fishing rod factory was started in 1957.  PURGLAS has very strong capabilities surf and beach casting rods, but also all types of boat rods as well as freshwater models.

old_pic2PURGLAS products are very highly regarded wherever they are used and are the first choice of competitive South African anglers over all the imported brands. All the fishing rods made by the company are on blanks manufactured in house to our own design specification.

PURGLAS is equally at home using Carbon or Glass fibre reinforcement which is purchased from the worlds top producers and impregnaters of these materials. In addition to this only the best rod mountings and hardware is used in the makeup of our rods.

Where necessary PURGLAS has developed its own finishes and compatible adhesives.

We at PURGLAS are proud of our products - we have to be - we guarantee them!