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Blue Water Series

pic1 Purglas have since their inception made fine game trolling rods. To the best of our knowledge every 1000 lb marlin taken in Africa has been taken on a PURGLAS rod.

Only the very best fittings are used on the series and Aftco roller guides and tip tops are our choice.

We use glass blanks throughout the series, simply because it is more hardy and combined with superior design gives better power at the business end for the effort put in by the angler.


Boat Rod Series

pic1 This range is born of many hours spent at sea by the designers, fishing in all conditions with every imagineable line weight. The blank designs and the care taken in manufacture, guarantee your customer not only the greatest possible pleasure but goes a long way to assuring his success. This series is built entirely on glass blanks, selected for rugged durability. The guides are from Fuji, judged by us to be the best available anywhere. No matter how your customer fishes he is going to do better with PURGLAS.

Rock and Surf Series

pic1 Some of the biggest and best fighting fish, edible and inedible prowl the South African coast. It is no suprise that the country produces some of the worlds best shore anglers.

To a man they choose PURGLAS.

Equally at home in glass or carbon fibre, PURGLAS rods carry a lifetime guarantee against flawed workmanship and faulty raw materials. Top quality products and parts assure your customer’s satisfaction.

Fresh Water Series

pic1 Lightness delicacy and precision are the keys to freshwater success, whether it is with glass or carbon fibre. As with all our other products, every item has 9 quality assurance inspections in the course of its manufacture and every single one has a final strength conformancy test before it leaves the factory.

This is important where lightness is the key, quality is the cornerstone, particularly with guides. We only use the best.

Blank Series

pic1 Our excellent designs come from more than thirty years of experience, both in fishing and in manufacture. However design means nothing if the process of manufacture doesn't compliment the design and the selected raw materials. PURGLAS blanks pass through nine quality assurance inspections in the course of their manufacture. And at the end of the process every single blank is tested for strength and standards compliance.

Whether it is made in glass or in carbon fibre the same attention is given to every single product that leaves our factory.



pic1 By virtue of our association with the fishing rod industry for so many years, it has been natural that we should build up a range of products associated with fishing.

These include fibre glass Gaffs which float, outrigger poles that don't rust or get borer beetle. We also make parallel tubing for butting, extending fishing rods and for kites. PURGLAS currently donates to the Oceanographic Research Institute all the tagging sticks for their billfish tagging programme. Built of course on our own blanks.

Provided it is round and straight and hollow we can probably make it - ask us!!


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